Concept Logistics (Australia) Pty Ltd

Concept strives to be innovative, flexible and cost-effective in its approach to third party warehousing.

Concept Logistics has proven high performance levels including:

inventory accuracy, superior account management, customer service and management reporting.

Concept Logistics understands the importance of the total supply chain and formulates logistics strategies to suit demand.

We offer

  • Bulk Warehousing & Distribution
  • Product Receiving & Putaway
  • Secure Product Storage Packing & Unpacking (container straddle capability)
  • Real Time, On-line Inventory Management
  • Rework & Kitting Services
  • Order Consolidation

Concept Logistics utilises the Translogix Atlas warehouse management system, which is designed to offer our customers:

  • Systems Interfaces
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Preferred Pick Paths
  • Batch, Lot & Serial Control
  • Batch Tracking